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Charlotte was born in Brussels, Belgium, where she obtained a degree in fashion design. She worked more than 10 years in that industry and specialized in denim.


After years of working as a product developer, she rediscovered her passion for working with clay. Indeed, after her secondary school, she has done a foundation course in art and design in Oxfordshire, UK, where she took her first classes and discovered the art of pottery.

In 2013,she has rejoined a pottery studio in Brussels.


Today she lives in Ibiza, rural country side, raising her daughter and settles in a house with a nice studio  where she explores numerous alleys of this passion. Her studio sits overlooking the fields of almonds trees, surrounded by red grounded meadows with sheeps.

Living in this beautiful landscape, along with her strong connection to nature, influences her inspiration from the nature’ s color palette.


She makes each piece individually and completely by hand creating unique and simple forms made of stoneware with hand-glazed designs.


Photo Credits: Eric Ceccarini

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